Jersey Gardens Outlet has the Best Entertainment Value!

When most people think of going to the mall, they think of shopping where multiple stores can be found in one location. At Jersey Garden Outlet Mall you get this and so much more!

It is true – Jersey Gardens Outlet has over 200 stores to give you so much variety and options you will never need to go anywhere else for your shopping needs.  You can pick from designer stores such as Saks, New York and Company, and Juicy Couture.  You can also choose from great outlet stores such as Nike, Tommy Hilfiger, GAP and many others.  But there is more at Jersey Gardens Outlet than Premium Outlets and great bargains!

One of the best things about Jersey Gardens Outlet Mall is that it is an indoor mall that is climate controlled– so you can enjoy yourself no matter how cold or hot the weather might get.  There is so much to see and do at Jersey Gardens Outlet – you can have plenty of fun just with the entertainment that is available in one location.

The kids will love Jungle Rides at Jersey Gardens Outlet Mall!  The cute cuddly animals are great fun for children to enjoy.  They can hop on a giraffe, a panda, a tiger, and even a dinosaur!

Need a new hair style?  Stop by Hair Styler II to get a new doo and then go over to Relaxation Station to take a breather and relieve any of that built up stress.

The Balloon Lady is also available to give the kids a great show as well as some great fun!. To have a lively lunch or dinner, visit Johnny Rockets to smile and laugh while enjoying great food and drinks.

Jersey Gardens Outlet entertainment Highlights

The highlight of your entertainment experience is the Jersey Gardens Outlet movie theater.  The AMC movie experience has an impeccable reputation for providing the best in movie entertainment with the most comfortable seating, the best picture quality, the ultimate in sound quality, and a wonderful selection of snacks to enjoy the latest movies.

There are numerous events held throughout the year at Jersey Gardens Outlet Mall – whether it’s the Christmas and New Year holidays, Halloween, spring or Easter, or the Fourth of July.  There is always something exciting going on at Jersey Gardens Mall!

The next time you are looking for some great fun at a great bargain price, consider going over to Jersey Gardens outlet – you will enjoy the fun all year round and keep coming back for more!


Jersey Garden Outlets Food Court

The concept of a food court offers multiple choices of cuisines like Lebanese, Chinese, Indian, and Italian to name a few, to visitors. It is generally an indoor square or common area adjoining with the counters of multiple food stalls or shops and has a common area that features self-serve dining. Cuisines and are delectable and the Jersey Garden Outlets  Food Court offers 9 global food choices. The deluxe food court has several themessit down restaurants. Shoppers who spend a lot of time and money at the mall finally sit here and take a breath, ordering food according to the choice of individual members of the group. The Jersey Garden Outlets Food Court is always brimming with activity as people of all age groups throng and talk animatedly there. Noise levels are high as they are accompanied with music. Apart from multiple food choices it also has a Children’s play area to keep the mommies free.

The Jersey Garden Outlets Food Court has several eateries and food outlets like:

Auntie Anne’s pretzels

Delicious, fragrant, sweet or spicy, Auntie Anne’s pretzels are rolled by hand, carefully baked to a golden brown, and by no means kept more than thirty minutes! They get sold like hot cakes.

Star Bucks Coffee

Starbucks, the world famous chain of coffee, acquires and roasts top-quality whole bean coffees and sells them accompanied by fresh,
rich-brewed, Italian method espresso concoction, a wide range of pastries and mouth watering confectionary items, and coffee-related frills and equipment.
The Jersey Garden outlets has introduced Starbucks Cards which are quick and convenient – both to give and to use. The customer just chooses a Starbucks Card design, purchases an optional greeting card, selects a dollar amount, and that’s it.

The Jersey Garden Outlets Food Court invites its customers to it.

Prepaid Pretzels

These are available in amounts ranging from $5 to $50,

Burger King

This famous outlet offers chicken sandwiches, flame broiled burgers, fish sandwiches, French fries, desserts, and much more. The food is served  fast and tastes great.

Cold Stone Creamery

Cold Stone Creamery at the Jersey Garden Outlets Food Court offers the most delightful choice of ice creams. A range of Ice Creams, Ice Cream Cakes, Regular Shakes, and Smoothies, just the way you prefer!  The Jersey Garden Mall Food Court is an excellent place to eat.

Jersey Gardens Mall vs. Woodbury Common

Shopping has always had two objectives. The first objective is to fulfill the basic needs that all human beings have. These basic needs fall into the category of clothes that people need, not because they wish to look nice, but because they have a need to own clothes that they can wear on a daily basis. The second objective is to fulfill the customer’s desires in buying what they want and wish for. This is oriented at a more superficial desire where people seek to fulfill their greedy or pleasurable needs. Malls have been created with these two objectives in mind.
For years, two outlet malls have been the center of attention for their prestige and high quality services. One of these is Jersey Gardens mall. This mall consists of two indoor floors and outlet mall is located in Elizabeth, New Jersey. The Jersey Gardens mall officially opened up their services on October 21, 1999. Up to date, Jersey Mall is the largest outlet mall located in the state of New Jersey.

Jersey gardens Mall

The Jersey Gardens mall counts with a wide variety of stores which keep the appeal to their customer’s outlet. Among some of the stores present are Bed Bath & Beyond, Old Navy, Cohoes, Daffy’s, Burlington Coat Factory, Neiman Marcus Last Call, Saks Fifth Avenue Off 5th and VF Outlet. Furthermore, it also features an IMAX movie theater, Amazing! (Having an indoor amusement park and arcade), a food court and a Starbucks Coffee, among many others. Jersey Gardens Mall

The second mall is known as Woodbury Common Premium Outlets, is in Central Valley, NY. Recently, the Woodbury Common mall center now counts with 220 stores which occupy more than 800,000 square feet. Due to its large size, Woodbury Common is considered one the world’s largest malls from around the world. The two malls are considered part of the main attraction of New Yorkers and its visitors. However, when it comes to narrowing it down to a mall of preference, many factors can come into action according to different preferences. For one, Jersey Gardens Mall is much closer to the heart of New York than Woodbury Common. Also, due to its vast size, Woodbury Common might not appeal to many due to its difficulty to navigate within it. On the other side, Jersey Gardens Mall does not count with this problem and is therefore easier to shop in their shops.