Jersey Garden Outlets Food Court

The concept of a food court offers multiple choices of cuisines like Lebanese, Chinese, Indian, and Italian to name a few, to visitors. It is generally an indoor square or common area adjoining with the counters of multiple food stalls or shops and has a common area that features self-serve dining. Cuisines and are delectable and the Jersey Garden Outlets  Food Court offers 9 global food choices. The deluxe food court has several themessit down restaurants. Shoppers who spend a lot of time and money at the mall finally sit here and take a breath, ordering food according to the choice of individual members of the group. The Jersey Garden Outlets Food Court is always brimming with activity as people of all age groups throng and talk animatedly there. Noise levels are high as they are accompanied with music. Apart from multiple food choices it also has a Children’s play area to keep the mommies free.

The Jersey Garden Outlets Food Court has several eateries and food outlets like:

Auntie Anne’s pretzels

Delicious, fragrant, sweet or spicy, Auntie Anne’s pretzels are rolled by hand, carefully baked to a golden brown, and by no means kept more than thirty minutes! They get sold like hot cakes.

Star Bucks Coffee

Starbucks, the world famous chain of coffee, acquires and roasts top-quality whole bean coffees and sells them accompanied by fresh,
rich-brewed, Italian method espresso concoction, a wide range of pastries and mouth watering confectionary items, and coffee-related frills and equipment.
The Jersey Garden outlets has introduced Starbucks Cards which are quick and convenient – both to give and to use. The customer just chooses a Starbucks Card design, purchases an optional greeting card, selects a dollar amount, and that’s it.

The Jersey Garden Outlets Food Court invites its customers to it.

Prepaid Pretzels

These are available in amounts ranging from $5 to $50,

Burger King

This famous outlet offers chicken sandwiches, flame broiled burgers, fish sandwiches, French fries, desserts, and much more. The food is served  fast and tastes great.

Cold Stone Creamery

Cold Stone Creamery at the Jersey Garden Outlets Food Court offers the most delightful choice of ice creams. A range of Ice Creams, Ice Cream Cakes, Regular Shakes, and Smoothies, just the way you prefer!  The Jersey Garden Mall Food Court is an excellent place to eat.

Jersey Garden Mall: What seasons and holidays are good to shop and why?

For many people, shopping may seem like a waste of money and time. However when you visit Jersey Garden Mall, this is certainly not the case. While it is certainly true that there are people that needlessly shop many items and waste money, there are also times when shopping is more than just spending cash.

There are special occasions in which shopping may bring about happy and enjoyable results. Above all, if shopping includes buying a gift for a special someone. This will most certainly put a smile on the face of the person receiving the gift and will make them grateful to the buyer.

As stated previously, there are special occasions when shopping for a gift may provide an indescribable feeling of happiness. Some of these special occasions could include birthdays, weddings, ceremonies, anniversaries among others. However, there also exist holidays and season in which shopping may come as liberating and refreshing.

Jersey Garden Mall in holidays Season

Some of these seasons and holidays would be Valentine’s day, Christmas, New Year’s, and many others. Shopping and purchasing many products during said holidays can be quite fun and rewarding. It may be fun because choosing a gift for a special someone can be quite endearing and it can be rewarding by seeing the smile on the person’s face.

It is also on these special occasions when shopping centers decide to put special sales and offers on their products. One of these would be the Jersey Garden Mall. The Jersey Garden mall Stores provide an infinite and generous amount of promotions and special discounts on many of their products. They do these as gifts and help to their clients that wish to purchase their products for lower prices.

In the Jersey Garden Mall, stores Jersey Garden Malland shops that manage to meet and fulfill the expectations and needs of all customers can be found quite easily, especially since the Jersey mall has a
wide variety of shops that offer their services and products to potential customers who are browsing or purchasing new items. However, the most outstanding characteristic in the Jersey Garden Mall during holidays is that they decorate their premises. They do this in order to appeal to their customers and entertain them with the detailed decorations that illuminate the stores appearance. Holidays and seasons are the best and fun times to do some shopping to forget about daily problems and stress.


Jersey Gardens Mall vs. Woodbury Common

Shopping has always had two objectives. The first objective is to fulfill the basic needs that all human beings have. These basic needs fall into the category of clothes that people need, not because they wish to look nice, but because they have a need to own clothes that they can wear on a daily basis. The second objective is to fulfill the customer’s desires in buying what they want and wish for. This is oriented at a more superficial desire where people seek to fulfill their greedy or pleasurable needs. Malls have been created with these two objectives in mind.
For years, two outlet malls have been the center of attention for their prestige and high quality services. One of these is Jersey Gardens mall. This mall consists of two indoor floors and outlet mall is located in Elizabeth, New Jersey. The Jersey Gardens mall officially opened up their services on October 21, 1999. Up to date, Jersey Mall is the largest outlet mall located in the state of New Jersey.

Jersey gardens Mall

The Jersey Gardens mall counts with a wide variety of stores which keep the appeal to their customer’s outlet. Among some of the stores present are Bed Bath & Beyond, Old Navy, Cohoes, Daffy’s, Burlington Coat Factory, Neiman Marcus Last Call, Saks Fifth Avenue Off 5th and VF Outlet. Furthermore, it also features an IMAX movie theater, Amazing! (Having an indoor amusement park and arcade), a food court and a Starbucks Coffee, among many others. Jersey Gardens Mall

The second mall is known as Woodbury Common Premium Outlets, is in Central Valley, NY. Recently, the Woodbury Common mall center now counts with 220 stores which occupy more than 800,000 square feet. Due to its large size, Woodbury Common is considered one the world’s largest malls from around the world. The two malls are considered part of the main attraction of New Yorkers and its visitors. However, when it comes to narrowing it down to a mall of preference, many factors can come into action according to different preferences. For one, Jersey Gardens Mall is much closer to the heart of New York than Woodbury Common. Also, due to its vast size, Woodbury Common might not appeal to many due to its difficulty to navigate within it. On the other side, Jersey Gardens Mall does not count with this problem and is therefore easier to shop in their shops.

Victoria’s Secret At Jersey Garden Mall

Review of Victoria’s Secret At Jersey Garden Mall

Jersey Garden mall is an outlet store that counts with a wide variety of stores to offer to their visitors. All of these stores cater to the different preferences and needs of all the customers. There are many different stores which can be found in Jersey Garden Outlets Mall. One of these stores is Victoria’s Secret.

Victoria’s Secret is a widely and globally known lingerie shop which stocks on products dedicated to women. VS sells a wide variety of undergarments for women of all ages that wish to feel sexy, secure and feminine. This store, counts with many different lingerie styles that are able to meet the different needs and preferences of women that wish to purchase their products. Also, the brand has been extremely well known for the high quality of their products. Furthermore, its been widely known and appreciated for their lovely and attractive designs. 

Victoria's Secret at Jersey Garden MallVictoria’s Secret holds and offers lingerie that are sure to make women feel sexy and feminine. In addition, the brand knows that all women wish to feel attractive for their partners or for their own self-esteem reasons. Whatever the reason, the store is bound to fulfill their customer’s needs and preferences. Also, lingerie from Victoria’s Secret makes for a great and sexy gift to any women.

The shop can be found in the Jersey Garden Stores. It is simple enough to find. Above all, Victoria’s Secret staff will make sure to make their customers feel comfortable. Also, the staff service offered is top notch so customers have absolutely no need to worry about asking for help. The employees are extremely friendly and helpful. Victoria’s Secret employees will help their client’s to find the best and most suited lingerie for them.

Since the Jersey Garden Stores are available for anyone and everyone to visit, getting a chance to explore the Victoria’s Secret shop will not be difficult at all. Jersey Garden Mall has certainly provided quite a list of stores and shops for customers to choose from which to purchase their products. Above all, store quality and staff help is of completely high level at Jersey Garden Stores. The premises are easy to commute to and the stores are placed in an orderly fashion. Finding the products that a person needs will be no problem at all. Shopping at Jersey Garden Mall is a wonderful experience that will keep its customers coming back for more.

Jersey Gardens Outlet Mall: Directions & Transportation

Options to Get to Jersey Gardens Outlet Mall:

  • Drive
  • Private Transportation
  • Bus Service
  • Shuttle from Newark International Airport


Jersey Gardens Outlet Mall
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Address: Jersey Gardens Outlet Mall, 651 Kapkowski Road, Elizabeth, NJ 07201
Exit: NJ Turnpike Exit 13A

Private Transportation

Typically provided by limousine companies, private transportation to Jersey Gardens outlet mall is a convenient, comfortable and cost effective van service that will easily accommodate up to 11 passengers and all their shopping. Benefits for this option include:

  • Pick up and drop off for you and your party at the door of your hotel.
  • The van will be there waiting for you to load your purchases whenever you are ready.
  • You will never have to wait in lines to get on charters, giving you more time to shop.
  • This is by far the most comfortable option to tourists as a private transportation van is spacious, air conditioned to your liking and with a knowledgable local driver you wont have to worry about navigating the confusing network of roads in a rental car.

Bus & Shuttle Services

Shuttle from Newark International Airport AirTrain Station P4:

  • Leaves AirTrain station every 30 minutes from 10 am to 8pm (Sunday from 11 am – 6pm)
  • Returns from Jersey Gardens every 30 minutes from 10:15am to 8:45 pm (Sunday from 11:15 am – 6:45 pm)
  • Average trip time is 10 minutes
  • The shuttle bus will pick up and drop off outside Entrance B on the upper level (by Chilis Too). Tickets are $5 each way ($9 round-trip) and can be purchased from the bus driver on the bus.

New Jersey Transit Bus #111 and #115 from New York:

  • Local public transportation is provided by NJ Transit bus #40 and Coach USA bus #24. Fare and Schedule information can be found on and, respectively.
  • Port Authority Bus Terminal to Jersey Garden Outlet Mall
  • Visit for updated schedules and rates

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